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Ordinary Can Be Extraordinary

Ordinary Can Be Extraordinary

Ordinary Can Be Extraordinary

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 11:16 AM PDT

Title: Ordinary Mr. Yalley, Extraordinary Gift from Above
Author: Faustina Korley
ISBN: 978-1-60696-506-1
Genre: Christian Fiction
Pages: 276
Reviewed By: Brian Knight
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Gifts blessed to us from above allow us to do extraordinary things.

What if you knew the right thing to say at the right time? What if you knew what was going to happen right before it actually did? What if you knew these things because the Lord allowed you to and wanted you to make a positive impact for him because of it? In "Ordinary Mr. Yalley, Extraordinary Gift from Above" we find out how an ordinary man handles the answers to the questions above and we see firsthand the amount of love and positive change he delivers throughout the book because of those answers

"Ordinary Mr. Yalley, Extraordinary Gift from Above" illustrates the love of God through believers. By the abilities blessed to the characters they not only change their life but those of neighbors, friends and strangers. The relationships formed are intimate and powerful. By discovering their gifts the characters are able to take one step closer to understanding and embracing the true love and mercy offered by the Lord. It is a truly surreal experience for the reader.

In "Ordinary Mr. Yalley, Extraordinary Gift from Above," we see the ability of an ordinary man impacting multiple lives through the gifts given him from above. What are these gifts and do we share them with Mr. Yalley?

From the first word, Faustina Korley's faith and passion for the Lord are instantly displayed through warm and welcoming characters doing wonderful things in the lives of those around them. With each passing page, it is virtually impossible not to smile as the story of Mr. Yalley unfolds before your eyes.

"Ordinary Mr. Yalley, Extraordinary Gift from Above" demonstrates the ability and influence one person can have on people they come into contact with. The strength of Mr. Yalley's faith carries it from page to page as he accepts the gifts of the Lord and uses them to glorify and do the Lord's work. This novel is for everyone but particularly aimed at both new and established Christians searching for a warm, loving story to escape the world around them.

Author Faustina Korley's debut novel is sure to inspire you to take a fresh look at the world through a new pair of eyes. A pair of eyes that will not only show you the glory of the Lord but will allow you to discover your true abilities gifted to you.

Please visit the Tate Publishing website to learn more about the author and her book HERE.
Watch the book trailer HERE.

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