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The Powerful 'P' Words

The Powerful 'P' Words

The Powerful 'P' Words

Posted: 24 Nov 2010 02:42 PM PST

You know, as authors we love words. What would we be without them? The interesting thing is that some words carry more weight and have more power than others. Well Brian, you did a great job pointing out the obvious. I know, but it is just not in what we write that words display their power. It is in how we operate that we see the true power some words carry. Want an example? Your wife/daughter/sister comes up to you and says - "I might be pregnant." That word 'might' can send you in many different directions emotionally but it leave the door of speculation open. Now, let's have a look at it again from a different angle - "I am pregnant." That word 'am' now carries with it confirmation. There is no doubt about it, when someone tells you that you are either in shock, on cloud nine or scared to death. You may be a combination of all of them but that word delivers so much confirmation there is no room to question it.

Writing is similar to that but in my opinion some words carry more weight and have more power of influence in the life of a writer than others. It struck me recently that many of these words start with the same letter - 'P'. Why is that? I really have no idea but I think we should look at a few of them and explore why they have so much power over our writing.

Planning - From the moment our story idea is born we are planning the path to completion. When the story is complete we begin planning the next story, how to get published and how to build a platform. Some writers outline their story before writing it. That is planning. When a book is published they look at promotional avenues and ideas to best fit their budget and goals. That too is planning. Writing without a plan is like cooking without heat; it's not going to work out very well.

Perseverance - This is critical but we don't appreciate the power of this word until it is called into action. Why is that? The only time you need to persevere is when times are tough and your back is to the wall. Times like this you have to dig deep and keep moving forward. In our case, you have to keep writing. Those that succeed in this business are either very lucky or have fought for every inch they have gained. In all likelihood it is a mixture of both.

Patience - This word walks lightly but swings a very big stick. Just reading it or writing it is like fingernails down a chalkboard to many. Have you ever had something or someone push your patience to the edge? You know exactly how much power this word carries. The thing is, Rome wasn't built in a day and therefore we need to take the time and have the patience to develop our skills, stories and audience. It's just not easy when we want it right now.

Publish - This could be the king of the 'P' words in the minds of writers and authors alike. Is there another word that stresses us out more or vexes us more than this one? This is the ultimate goal but to attain that goal is often frustrating and difficult. This 'P' word will test your patience and perseverance and could possibly change your planning. If that isn't a good example of a word that carries some weight than I don't know what is.

Promotion - Some of you may be nodding your head while others have a slightly perplexed expression on your face. What kind of power does this word carry? Unfortunately this is the ultimate assassin when it comes to authors. At the beginning it is just a word we hear about but we don't know much about it. Once your book gets published then it springs out of nowhere and instantly you are overwhelmed with options and ideas. It is the next mountain that must be climbed in order to see your book in the hands of hundreds and thousands of people.

Priority - Where does writing fit in your life? The answer to that question carries many implications. We all have many priorities in life but it is the order at which we place them that is really important. Is it difficult to get them in the best order for you? Try to change up your priorities and see how well it works out for you. It is not an easy task; however, if we are serious about writing we must get it close to the top which means something that is already there needs to move down. This word carries the weight and power to change how you operate in your daily life.

It is good exercise to think about things like this because writing can infiltrate every aspect of our life. Some are alright with that and welcome it but some are not too sure. It is important to come to that conclusion before you start a journey of this magnitude. Afterwards, make your own list of power words that are important to you and make sure you know what role they have in your life and your writing.

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