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The Vacation is OVER!

The Vacation is OVER!

The Vacation is OVER!

Posted: 30 Nov 2010 03:22 PM PST

I was originally planning to include Aerosmith in the title but I decided against it. Hopefully I will be able to make the connection clear as we go along with today's article. Many of you will remember that a few months ago I really took a hit. My confidence was 'Living on the Edge' and my muse was 'Cryin.' Well, since that time I was pretty much a boat adrift on the water. I will admit that I was 'Jaded' but deep down I never wanted to give up writing completely. I turned to reviewing books and this blog to get me through. Both proved to be lifelines because the reviews allowed me to just write but in a meaningful way. This blog or more to the point, all of you who follow this blog really helped me through. Many of you encouraged me to 'Dream On' and keep writing.

The problem with that advice is that my muse turned into a 'Rag Doll' and went on, what I thought, was a 'Permanent Vacation.' You guys never gave up though, between your comments here and others on Twitter I kept on moving forward but every time I attempted to write I came up with the "Same Old Song and Dance.' In other words, nothing fresh, exciting and interesting was dancing in my mind so writing was impossible outside of articles and reviews. I remember asking my followers on Twitter what I would do with four days off for Thanksgiving and the number one response was - WRITE. It was like somebody told my muse to 'Just Push Play.'

This all came full circle Friday night. It was impossible for me to sleep as my muse returned from vacation and went wild. Thoughts and ideas for stories flew through my head like leaves in a tornado. I could not keep up with all of them and trust me, I tried. What surprised me is that the main string of thoughts and ideas centered on my second novel. Basically I was told to get 'Back In the Saddle' again and that is exactly what I did. I spent multiple hours on both Saturday and Sunday tearing into my novel. I was rewriting old sections and writing new sections but I was writing and it was 'Amazing' to feel that 'Sweet Emotion' again.

I truly hope my muse doesn't go on a vacation that long again. I have a new confidence that I believe is stronger for having gone through this little set back. I know that all of you had a great deal to do with me getting through this and I can't thank you enough for that. This truly proves that we are not alone in this process and sometimes it takes many to show one how to 'Walk This Way' in order to reach 'The Other Side.'

If you feel overwhelmed just know you are not in this alone. You have friends and peers that will help you even if they don't know that they are. It really feels good to be back writing again.

Oh, if you are wondering, all the titles above are actual titles to songs by Aerosmith. Here is a link to their songs on their greatest hits disc for you to check out if you want to. I don't really know why I wrote this article like that. When I started writing it I just made connections with the songs and thought it would be fun. I told you my muse was running wild.  

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