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Give $1.......Save a Heart

Give $1.......Save a Heart

Give $1.......Save a Heart

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 02:47 PM PST

Heart disease - I know everyone knows about the topic but would much rather avoid it all together. Truth is, many of us suffer from or know someone who is suffering with this disease. Unfortunately some of us have lost loved ones to heart disease.

There is much being done to fight this disease. We know that a healthy diet and exercise are two crucial parts of having a healthy heart but in some cases drugs and possibly surgery is needed. What is truly sad is that heart disease does not discriminate on the basis of age or gender. Young children also suffer from this disease.

Let's be honest here, if our heart isn't working we really can't do much to achieve our goals so it is critical that we take care of our hearts. It is also important that we each make the effort to help others to prevent this disease from taking the life of a person who could be the next great author.

What is this building up to? In February my son will be participating in the American Heart Association Jump Rope for Heart at his school. What does this mean? It means that he and his classmates will spend a portion of their day in the gym jumping rope for as long as they possibly can. Why would they do this? Before they actually get to it his school is asking for donations. Those who donate are, in a way, supporting that student in his/her effort to jump rope the best they can.

The great thing is this - all the donations will be given to the American Heart Association and the proceeds will be used for research, helping underprivileged children with heart disease and also to educate people about this disease. What do the kids get out of this program? First, they participate in a great charity effort, second they get plenty of exercise (which is good for the parents because they fall asleep faster) and third, they are entered into contest and win prizes based on the amount of donations they collect.

Why am I posting an article about this here on The New Author? I'm asking for your help on behave of my son. He has set a goal to become the top collector for his school and asked me to help him with online donations. What I am asking is if you, The New Author community, would be willing to donate $1 toward his goal. One dollar doesn't seem like a lot but just think, if everyone here donated $1 he would easily make his goal.

I do believe you are able to print a receipt of your donation and it is tax deductible. Here is the link to his donation page. Dylan's Donation Page

Once you click on the page just click on the button marked 'DONATE to Dylan'. Thank you for your help with this effort.

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