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Who Do You Trust

Who Do You Trust

Who Do You Trust

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 02:19 PM PST

Title: The Price of Trust
Author: Amanda Stephan
ISBN: 978-1-61663-047-8
Genre: Romance Religious
Pages: 348
Reviewed By: Brian Knight
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What is the value of trust?

The further Carly runs from her past the closer she gets to her future; she just doesn't know it. She only knows fear and loss as she is constantly pursued by a love gone wrong. Fortunately for Carly she runs out of gas next to a small town that offers more then just fuel; it offers hope. In "The Price of Trust" Carly struggles to rebuild her life, identify who she is and possibly learn to love again. With the help of a few unlikely friends and her faith in the Lord, Carly travels down the obstacle filled road of life.

Carly's fortunes turn as she finds employment with an old couple at their hardware store and join them at their church. Unbeknownst to her, every move she makes is being watched and reported. As Carly becomes more comfortable with the town and makes new friends she must confront and conquer her inner turmoil and need to run. Convinced she will be found at any moment she is constantly looking over her shoulder. Her confidence builds with each day and soon becomes aware that she is indeed helping others overcome their inner battles and past heartbreaks. In "The Price of Trust," we see the power love and faith have to heal all wounds; to bond and rebuild what was once broken.

Will Carly find the strength to love again? Will she be free of the haunting past that pursues her relentlessly?

From the first word, Amanda Stephan weaves a story of survival, drama and romance. With each passing page, it is virtually impossible not to be absorbed in the story. The more you read the more you connect with the characters and it is their tales that begs to be seen.

"The Price of Trust" contains an innocent sensibility that is endearing and lends to the romance of the story. The strength of the story lies in the characters; their growth, flaws and strengths develop and transform from page to page as circumstances and challenges confront them. This novel is for those who enjoy romance in its truest form; a story that allows the reader to escape the world around them.

Author Amanda Stephan's debut novel is sure to draw you in, wrap you in a tapestry of emotions and deliver a story that will dance in your mind long after the last page.

If you would like to learn more about Amanda and her book or just want to read her blog you can do so by following the link HERE.

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